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Quality of operation

Print lovers are a special kind of people, they are people who care about the environment. In our operations we minimize our environmental impact so that everything we do is friendly to nature and all of its creatures. As much as we take, we pay back - because this is the only world for us and our children.


    The basic goal of Radin print d.o.o. company is to be recognized for its quality in providing services for magazine heat-set printing in large circulation..

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  • The operation, business processes and products of Radin Print d.o.o. are based on the principles of a quality management system, the certificate ISO 12647-2 PROZESS STANDARD OFFSETDRUCK, which includes standardization of the entire process of preparing, creating, and printing forms and the application of good manufacturing practices in which the satisfaction of clients is our primary goal.
  • Continuous business improvement and care for the overall product life cycle and environmental effects have been achieved through an integrated and comprehensive approach by establishing the responsibilities of all actors in an integrated policy and supervision of all the levels of activity and services within Radin Print d.o.o. - from raw material procurement to distribution of the finished product.
  • Radin Print d.o.o. demonstrates its highly developed social consciousness, dedication to the protection of nature and the environment, and the prevention of accidents in the workplace through consultations with its employees.
  • The demand for a high level of occupational safety, environmental protection, maintenance of work premises and equipment, and the timely and appropriate training of employees in accordance with an integrated quality, environmental, health and safety management system.
  • Considering the context of the organization and the harmonizing of the integrated management system with the strategic goals of Radin Print d.o.o.
  • Constant efforts to improve client satisfaction to exceed their expectations.
  • Observing standards, the applicable regulations of the Republic of Croatia and the EU, which also shows the we care quality, environment protection, occupational health and safety and the correctness of our products and services.
  • Establishing, implementing and maintaining continuous progress in the performance of quality management systems, the environment, safety at work (QMS, EMS & OHS) - ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001: 2018 in all business segments.
  • Management of the organization with integrated goals in human resource management and defined responsibilities to achieve them.
  • Keeping up with and applying new technologies and educating employees.
  • Careful selection of suppliers.
  • Ensuring that this policy and the accompanying procedures represent what Radin Print d.o.o. actually does.

The framework for setting integrated goals is defined in the Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Manual.